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Learn the Theories of Winning the Lottery

Learn the Theories of Winning the Lottery

We need to consider two important theories in lottery draws if you wish to win more in the lottery. The first theory is what we might call the frequency theory. The Frequency Theory is a proven theory that the numbers that have appeared most in past results are also likely be the numbers that will potentially appear in the future results. This is not just some theory dreamt up by someone. But it is a theory that has been tested by real data taken from previous lottery results.

A lot of people might be surprised by the idea of the Frequency Theory because they think that all numbers have an equal chance of appearing in the lottery results. But in actual fact results have consistently shown that certain numbers do appear more than others. That's why it makes sense to pick the so called hot numbers instead of choosing the cold numbers.

The hot numbers are the numbers that have appeared most frequently in past results. The cold numbers are the numbers that have hit the least number of times or not at all in the previous results. There are many different lottery systems. The methods that follow the Frequency Theory will focus on using the hot numbers.

Basically the Frequency Theory concentrates on the numbers that have appeared more than other numbers in recent results because those hot numbers are most likely going to appear in the future. That has been extensively researched and a lot of lottery experts have found from actual lottery results, that selecting hot numbers does produce better results than just selecting random numbers.

Another type of lottery system is the type that uses cold numbers. This idea is based on the theory of Law of Averages. Long term results demonstrate that the law of averages does in fact eventually work out.

So it seems logical to pick numbers that have hit least or not at all in recent results. Studies have demonstrated that using either hot numbers or cold numbers is preferable to just using random numbers. Clearly it is so important to look at the winning numbers of previous results and choose your own lottery numbers according to those past results.

To summarise - if you use the frequency theory you would pick hot numbers, those that have hit most in the past. The Law of Averages theory would favour those that have not hit and are overdue - the cold numbers.

Both methods appear to be more successful than just using random numbers. But our research has shown that it is even better to use a combination of both theories. So your lottery numbers would consist of both hot and cold numbers and this will give the greatest chance of success in the lottery. Therefore, instead of using just hot or cold numbers, your chosen numbers would be from both categories. This method does seem to be more successful than just using one category of number.

So if you wish to increase your chances of success in the lottery, start using both hot and cold numbers.