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Frequency Theory

Frequency Theory

If you want to win lottery lotto numbers, then have a look at this. You will discover ideas to pick better lotto numbers.

Winning the lottery requires the appreciation of two main concepts in lottery games. The first one is called 'Frequency Theory' and the second one is called 'The law of Averages Theory'.

The frequency theory has been proven to be very real. It has been shown that according to this theory it is possible that the numbers that were more common in the preceding results are more likely to be present in coming draws as well. Such frequent numbers are generally known as 'hot numbers'.

The idea of frequency theory might seem surprising to many of the players as they might feel that all numbers have the same chance of hitting in the results of lottery games. But the reports regarding this theory highlight the fact that certain hot numbers have greater chances of winning than certain numbers generally known as 'cold numbers'. These cold numbers are the numbers that have hit lea in the previous results.

The 'law of averages theory' in contrast lays emphasis on picking 'cold numbers' as it believes that the cold numbers will most probably hit in the future drawings of the lottery games. Thus we come to the conclusion that there are two distinct and contrary areas of thought in lottery system. Research has also revealed that the 'law of averages theory' is as accurate as the Frequency theory. It has been shown that both the 'hot numbers' and the 'cold numbers' will ultimately prove to be very good for the Pick 3, pick 4 and pick 5 lottery games.

Therefore for winning the lottery and getting good results you need to select your numbers from both hot as well as from cold. So rather than sticking to just one sort of number you should choose from both sets of numbers and you will improve your chances of winning.