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HOT Lotto Numbers

HOT Lotto Numbers Boost Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

Just how do HOT lottery numbers increase your chance of success in the lottery? Lottery players around the world have seen the effect of hot numbers in their lottery results.

So what is a Hot Number, or for that matter a Warm number? Let's take an example. For a pick 6 lottery in 100 draws 600 numbers would be drawn. So in a 6 from 49 draw each number each number could be expected to appear 12.24 times. 600/49 = 12.24. This is logical but of course will never happen. The first obvious reason is that no number could hit 12.24 times. 12 times or 13 times but never 12.24 times.

So you can clearly see that mathematically some numbers must hit more than others. The second point is that 100 lottery draws is statistically a very small sample. So small in fact that you will get a wide variation in the distribution of numbers. Some could appear maybe 20 times and others appear only 5 times or less.

You can demonstrate the same effect by tossing a coin one hundred times. It is most unlikely that there will be exactly 50 heads and 50 tails. There could easily be a 20% difference in this perfect distribution with a split of 60/40 instead of 50/50. The important thing to remember here is that as the number of times you toss that coin increases, the closer the final distribution will get to 50/50. Toss that coin 10,000 times and the result would be something like 5005 heads and 4995 tails which is only 0.1% different from an equal distribution.

So it takes thousands of tosses of a coin to get near equal distribution with just two possible outcomes. So how many lottery draws would it take when you have 49 different numbers that might hit? Thousands, or many years for a weekly draw. The important fact here is to look at recent results and identify the numbers that have hit more than others. These are the short term Hot numbers. This is something you can do on every lottery in the world