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Lottery Syndicates Explained

Is a lottery syndicate better than playing alone?

If you are considering joining a lottery the big question is what are the benefits of being in a syndicate and would you be better staying on your own. Obviously in a syndicate you would have to share any winnings.

There are many benefits to being part of a syndicate and that is why there are so many of them, probably participating in every lottery in the world.

The response from people who are asked about their lottery syndicate is always very positive. More frequent wins and for many people the only time that they have ever won anything was after they joined a lottery. our chances of success arte greatly improved by being in a syndicate.

Most lotteries will pay out something for three numbers and with some lotteries you even get a payout for one or two numbers correct. According to Camelot two out of three wins are from within a syndicate.

Of course since you are sharing the prize your winnings are lower but then a fraction of something is better than 100% of nothing. Being in a syndicate means that you can collectively make a bigger entry and cover more numbers than you could do individually.

Many are just local syndicates of a group of friends, family or work colleagues. There are also many online syndicates. You can always check online for the right kind of syndicate for you. The Lotteries council works closely with Gambling Commission and monitors lottery games and syndicates world wide. All reputable online lottery syndicates will be regulated by the Lottery Council.