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Lottery Programs and Software

Lottery Programs and Software

Lottery computer programs can play an important part in helping lottery players to increase their chances of winning. Using the power of a computer to analyse previous results has been shown to be an effective tool in increasing winning chances.

Most lottery software will use a combination of filters (to accept or reject certain numbers) and a wheeling system to increase the chances of a winning line and also reduce the number of lines that have to be played. A lottery program will probably have a database of previous results and will use this in conjunction with the filter to determine future results.

Basically there are two kinds of lottery program. One is a number analysis program which can analyse a group of numbers. It will identify the frequency and occurrence of certain numbers and use various analytical and statistical methods to do this. The second type of lottery program is the predictive type, which will attempt to predict numbers that are more likely to appear in future results. From the analysis of recent past results the software will determine the cold numbers (those that have not appeared at all) and the hot numbers - those that have appeared more than the statistical average.

One of the best lottery programs that is a combination of both types of software is Lottery System X. This has an analysis function built into it and also a predictive function. It will produce a series of number to play in the future based upon it's analysis of previous results.

There is a third class of lottery software which will help in making the entries and managing the weekly plays. For instance there are programs that can print out all the numbers for you and also help you manage a syndicate and subscriptions from syndicate members etc. So there is now a lot of help available to the lottery player.