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Powerful Combination For a Pick 6 Lottery

How to Use This Powerful Combination As a Pick 6 Lottery Player

There are two theories that pick 6 lottery players use. Used together they form a powerful combination that will help you to improve your chances of winning. We will discuss these rules in this article.

You can use your "hot numbers" to apply the frequency theory. This theory states that the winning tickets are most likely to be the numbers that were the most frequent in the past 16 drawings.

The other theory uses the "cold numbers". This theory is known as the law of averages theory and it says that the numbers in the last 16 drawings are the numbers that will most likely be the winners in the next drawing.

You will find that a lot of lottery systems only use one of these theories. I have found that if you use the power of both of these theories that you will achieve the maximum probability of selecting numbers that may be drawn.

You see what you are looking for is consistency in the long run. Using each theory separately does not necessarily give you the consistent maximum results over the long term.

When you combine the two together you get the best of both worlds. You see both the hot and the cold numbers are most likely to be selected as winning numbers compared to just selecting random numbers.

So as we get to selecting your pick 6 number, you will remember that you will select numbers using both the frequency theory and the law of averages theory. You will use both hot numbers and cold numbers.