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  Fibonacci Bonus System

Bonus System for the Fibonacci Plan

During our research we came across a strategy that has been used for many years by a few professional gamblers. The inventor of the system claims to have made consistent long term profits just using level stakes.

This system is statistically proven to yield an average of 40 per cent winners with average winning odds of better than 6/4.

The System is very easy to use with selections being found in a few minutes, well before the start of racing. It was originally designed to produce level stake profits for people who have no time for a detailed study of form. Once you start to use this system you will see why a few professional bettors have been quietly using this system for many years.

With an average strike ratio of 40% and odds greater than 6/4 this strategy is ideally suited to the Fibonacci Staking Plan.

Here is a typical run of recent results that the System produced:
L, 11/8, L, L, 4/1, 13/8, L, Evens, 2/1, L, L, 6/1, L, 3/1, L, 11/10, L

By using the Fibonacci Staking Plan on these results produces a profit of 20 points.

Combining this selection strategy with the Fibonacci Staking Plan gives an amazing opportunity to generate profits throughout the year.

This Bonus System is included with the Fibonacci Plan.