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The Irish Lotto Bet (called Lucky numbers in Ireland) is based on the National Irish Lottery. You can play the Irish Lotto Bet twice a week to coincide with the draws on Wednesday and Saturday. There are 3 draws on each day, a main draw plus a 2nd and 3rd. 6 numbers plus a bonus number are drawn from 47.

If you get 3 numbers correct in the National Lottery you win £10. If you play the Irish Lotto at your local bookmaker you will win £53 for just 2 numbers correct.

With 3 correct you get £650

4 correct wins you £7200 and 5 correct will get you £125,000

And because you place your bet with the bookmaker you don't share the winnings as you do on the National Lottery. For example if 500 people get get 5 numbers up on the National Lottery they get a share of the pot for 500 numbers, which is usually less than £2000. And the size of the pot depends on how many people have played the lottery for that draw. So the pot can vary greatly from £400,000 to £900,000, so you could get as little as £800.

If you get 5 numbers correct on the Irish Lotto at the bookmakers you get back your stake multiplied by the odds, which for 5 correct are 125000 to 1. So you for a £1 stake you get back £125,000. And it doesn't matter how many people win you still get the same amount, unlike the National Lottery.

The System also has some very clever plans that can get doubles and trebles from just a few small bets which can also be used for the Daily Millions and other lotteries... more details

    Won £53 for a £1 stake Saturday 2nd June for just 2 numbers

    Won £53 for a £1 stake Saturday 20th June

    Won £57.60 for a 10p stake Saturday 11th July

    Won £115.20 for a 20p stake Saturday 21st July

To quote the inventor of the system:
"I'm not going to promise you that you will win £100,000 but my system will give you a much better chance of doing so, and because you place your bet at the bookies you win more for your money. You can even win if you get only one or two numbers up. How many times have you had one or two numbers on the National Lottery and won nothing?"

"For years I was playing the National Lottery winning £10 now and again. Then I came across the idea for this system for the Irish Lotto, using the local bookmaker. The odds of getting a win are staggering!"

We can send the full system by email for only £7.95 or a printed manual by post for £8.95.

Everything is fully explained. You are shown how to select the numbers and how to place the bets.

Get the Irish Lotto System and Health Lottery System for £12.90. Save £3.

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