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The Mathematician
A professor of maths and an expert in probability, number patterns and statistics. He analysed years of lottery results and could identify their short term trends.

The Computer Programmer
He was able to take the work of the maths professor and develop a Windows program that could use recent lottery results in a predictive way.

The Hot and Cold Number Effect has been observed since lotteries began.

A close study of lottery results over the years will show you that in any short period of several weeks some numbers will be Hot, they will come up more than the mathematical average. And some will be Cold. They have not appeared and our overdue!

It is true that over a long period it will be found that all numbers in a lottery draw have hit more or less the same number of times, as is mathematically expected. There is no long term bias in lottery numbers.

But short term is very different. The professor's analysis of many year's results have shown that there is a short term trend of Hot and Cold numbers.

And this has been observed in lotteries all over the world.

Our computer programmer has also developed a very clever program that generates plans (perms, wheeling systems) that significantly increases the chances of getting a winning line. These plans are the most efficient and cost effective plans available.

And this is the basis of the System X Software. It easily identifies the Hot and Cold Numbers and then predicts future results based upon them. It then makes these new lines available in a collection of plans. There are plans to suit everyone. From the smallest with just 4 lines up to larger plans for syndicates.

We can supply it either as a download for just £11.95 or on CD for £12.95

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