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Income for Life Racing Revolution Results

Over 150 points profit every year. 75% Average Win Ratio

This System has produced big profits every year.
75% Average Win Ratio.

The profits shown above are based on £50 Level Stakes.

A good strategy is to start with small stakes and put the profits back into the betting bank. Your stakes should grow with your bank ... you are in effect then playing with the bookmakers money.

It is important with any system to have a consistent betting strategy. And you should stick to it. DO NOT PLAY HUNCHES.

A good strategy is the 5% Plan. Your stake should be 5% or 1/20th of your bank. Reinvest your profits and your stake will increase with your bank.

We have studied most of the staking plans. Some are high risk with high profit potential, but could not sustain a long losing run. Some play for safety and will make slower but steady profits. We have obtained the four best staking plans from a major betting organisation. You can download them for free.